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Nov. 29th, 2007

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Read Me First! (Last Updated 8/20/09)

First off, welcome to my shop =] Here you'll find a lot of random Anime/Manga, Video Games, and other stuff I have for sale.

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Please leave all your feedback for me on this entry =]
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I'll gladly leave feedback for you if you happen to have a sales journal of your own.
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Anime/Manga (Updated 8/20/09)

All items are in excellent, like new condition and prices do not include shipping (unless otherwise noted).

NOTE: Some picture links are currently broken. I'm getting them fixed asap!

Manga Volumes and DVDS
Yu-Gi-Oh Vol 1-2Collapse )

Shaman King Vol 1Collapse )

TokyoPop Sneaks Fall 2003Collapse )

Giant Lot of US Shonen Jump MonthlyCollapse )

Samurai X OVA CollectionCollapse )

Dragon Ball Z History of Trunks Box Set (VHS)Collapse )

Posters, Plushes, Figures, Etc.Collapse )
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Video Games (Updated 6/2)

Games come in original packing + booklet unless otherwise noted.

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Dec. 1st, 2007

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Bunch of random stuff within =3

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